Retirement Party

Dr. Wilcox and Luba retire!

After 42 years, Dr. Wilcox has retired from Heritage Dental. His Assistant, Luba, enjoyed working with Dr Wilcox for the last 18 years, and decided it was also time for her to retire.

In celebration, an all-staff BBQ was held in their honor. The previous practice owners and manager joined us in thanking both Dr. Wilcox and Luba for all their hard work and dedication, and wished them well as they begin this new chapter in their lives. Dr. Wilcox will now have more time to spend with his grandchildren, and Luba moved to Florida to permanently escape Minnesota winters.

Congratulations to both of them!

Hygienists Christine, Jessica and Meghan

Clockwise and seated:
Peggy, Dr. Rieke, Dr. Lee, Barb, Myra

The retirees . . . .Luba and Dr. Wilcox

Deb, Janelle and LaDonna

Myra and Luba

Sue (Practice Administrator), Dr. May (retired orthodontist)
and Dr. Wilcox (now retired DDS/owner)

Heartfelt speeches by Luba and Dr. Wilcox

Retired DDS/owner Dr. Christensen

Dr. Wilcox "passing the torch" to Drs. Anderson and Lee

Dr. Lee modeling the "torch" passed on by Dr. Wilcox

Left to right: Nicole, Kayla, Dr. Wilcox, LaDonna, Luba, Michelle, Myra, Dr. Lee
Background: Former practice Administrator, Ron

LaDonna, Michelle, Kayla, Luba

Dr. May congratulating Dr. Wilcox

Luba and Dr. Wilcox enjoying their special day

Retired owner (back left) Dr. Lindley, Retired orthodontist Dr. May,
and (seated) retired Practice Administrator Ron

Dr. Christensen delivering his farewell poem

Special thanks to Nicole for these wonderful pictures!